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XS Wireless 1 microphone system 

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XS Wireless 1 - Laser Light 

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XS Wireless 1 & 2

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XS Wireless – e 825, e 835 & e 865


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The Sennheiser XSW 1-835 Dual-A 2-channel handheld wireless system with 835 capsules offers singers and speakers cable-free mobility and, premium audio quality. Its automatic frequency management instantly finds the best available UHF frequencies for interference-free operation of up to 10 systems at once. You'll enjoy seamless, dependable performance for speaking engagements, theater productions, seminars or live music shows.

Automatic Frequency Setup Provides Hassle-Free Operation

The XSW 1-835 receiver does the work for you, automatically scanning for the best available UHF frequencies in your area so you can get up and running quickly. Its automatic frequency management lets you operate up to 10 wireless systems simultaneously without interference or dropout for flexible setups with multiple presenters or musicians.

Rugged, Durable Construction Withstands Live Performance

Built to handle the stresses of live use, the XSW 1-835 receiver and transmitters feature a rugged metal housing and sweat-resistant design. Their durable construction provides reliable operation for gigs, events or daily use.

Expandable, Compatible System

The XSW 1-835 receiver works with Sennheiser transmitters and capsules so you can start with the dual-channel setup and expand up to 10 wireless channels as your needs grow. It offers an affordable entry point into a high-quality wireless system with room to build on over time.

Premium Sound Quality

Whether speaking or singing, you'll enjoy full, rich and natural sound thanks to the wide-range capsules and compandor circuitry which reduces background noise. The capsules capture audio with exceptional clarity and detail for high-quality wireless sound.

Sennheiser XSW 1-835 DUAL-A 2-Channel Handheld Wireless System With e 835 Capsules A Black

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  • One (1) EM-XSW 1 Dual-A 2-channel receiver
  • Two (2) SKM 825-XSW wireless handheld microphones

collapse expand iconWarranty

2 year warranty, including the Evolution wireless. Sennheiser Evolution wired mics have a 10 year warranty.

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