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An amazing guitar is a labor of love. Just ask David Schecter - his passion for the instrument helped him grow his little repair shop into one of the most respected luthier companies in the country. Schecter's business started in 1976 with a nondescript storefront in Van Nuys, California. Before long, word had gotten out about the quality of his work, and soon enough he was building his own instruments from scratch. That's the tradition carried on by Schecter Guitar Research electric guitars today, and if you're looking for an instrument that's built to be played, then you're in the right place to find it. You don't need to take our word for it to get a sense of what Schecter can do. Instead, just check out a few of the artists who have hit the stage with Schecter Guitar Research instruments: Robin Zander, Steve Zing, Richard Patrick, Robert Smith and Prince, just to name a few. If you like the idea of your name joining a roster like that, then take a close look through this section. You won't have any trouble finding the Schecter electric guitar that you'd most love to hold in your hands and hear through your favorite amp. Some of the most popular guitars in Schecter's lineup are the OMEN series, and they're as good a place as any to start your search. With the OMEN-6, OMEN-7 and OMEN-8, you have the freedom to stick to a traditional 6 strings or branch out with the extended range of 7 or even 8... if you're brave enough! And that's only the beginning. Schecter also builds some impressive signature models, like the Jeff Loomis-6 FR, as well as hollow and semi-hollow axes such as the Corsair Bigsby Electric Guitar. With Schecter Guitar Research electric guitars, the choice is yours when it comes to style and tone. There are so many instruments here to choose from that finding the perfect match for your personal tastes is a sure thing. Combine that with the experience, talent and pure craftsmanship that goes into designing and building each Schecter guitar, and you've got the recipe for a whole new level of tone, playability and performance.