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The SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount provides studio-level performance at an affordable price. The SSM-1 is designed to fit any microphone up to 2" in diameter, from hefty tube mics to discreet lavalier mics. Its innovative design utilizes high-quality elastic bands woven between two adjustable rings to securely and flexibly hold mics in place while isolating them from unwanted mechanical vibrations that can degrade your recordings.

Industry-Leading 15dB of Isolation

The SSM-1's shock mount isolation improves your sound quality by reducing unwanted mechanical noise up to 15dB. When a mic picks up an audio signal, it also collects unwanted noise through the mic stand caused by vibrations from sources like kick drums, amplifiers and an artist's movements. The SSM-1 solves this problem through acoustic means rather than electronic manipulation, allowing your recordings to retain their natural dynamics.

Fits Any Mic, Compensates for Imbalance

The SSM-1's innovative design fits any mic up to 2" in diameter, from heavy tube mics to discreet lavalier mics. Its central articulated support can be adjusted to compensate for any imbalance in a mic's center of gravity. For heavier mics, the elastic bands securely hold the mic in place without compromising their flexibility. With the ability to add additional rings, the SSM-1 can support mics of virtually any size or weight.

High-Quality Components for Professional Results

The SSM-1 utilizes high-quality, braid-covered elastic bands and a rugged hexagonal support bar to securely and flexibly hold mics in place. These premium components provide professional-level performance and durability, allowing the SSM-1 to stand up to the demands of any studio environment.

An Affordable Solution for Any Studio

With studio-caliber performance at an affordable price, the SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount is the ideal solution for any studio. Home studios, project studios and commercial studios alike will benefit from the SSM-1's ability to isolate any mic for dramatically improved recordings. The SSM-1 allows studios of all sizes to achieve professional-level results on any budget.

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