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This bundle packs together all of Sugar Bytes amazing plug-ins into one complete package and at a much more affordable price. Get all the tools you need to create, mash-up, manipulate, and twist your sound into unbelievable results never heard before.

Included in this collection:

Aparillo:  Advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions with clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulationfor epic sonic creation.

Effectrix: Professional multi-effect sequencer for 14 expressive tools. By painting colored blocks across a sequencer, your tracks metamorphose into fireworks. Real-time, on-the-fly looping, scratching, reverse and stretching.

Obscurium: Productive synthesis tool with VST hosting and Generative Pitch engine feeds on your input of scales and chords to produce futuristic soundscapes and vivid harmonics.

Factory: A versatile poly synth with a unique modulation-matrix and -sequencers for complex and organic sounds.

Egoist: Use samples or full songs as a sound source. Onboard bassline, drum machine and the multi-effect sequencer make it the perfect track sketching tool in the studio and on the road.

Cyclop: The Twisted Bass Synthesizer. Create the most powerful basslines and define the future of bass with Cyclop. The most powerful monophonic synth ever.

Looperator: Chops up your audio and turns it into something new quickly and easily with Filters and Reverbs and trippy Loop and Vinyl manipulations.

Turnado: Realtime audio manipulation has never been so easy!

Guitarist: The complete guitar software with amps, effects, guitars and guitar player!

Thesys: Midi Step Sequencer. An incredible tool for unbelievable sequences on stage and in the studio.

Consequence: The Chord Synquencer. Innovative combination of a chord based stepsequencer with a powerful sound engine.

Effectrix: The Effect Sequencer. Create grooving sound mutations and unheard breakbeats with this innovative tool!

Artillery2: The Effect Keyboard. MIDI controlled Multi FX with a lot of algorithms and super versatile modulation. The number one performance effect.

Unique: The special synth with that supermighty sound. Includes juicy vowel filtering, crazy modulation possibilities, two multi effects and a lot of new thinking.

WOW: The talking Filterbox. 10 innovative first class sounding filters, with VOWEL MODE and versatile modulation system.

WOW2: Creative multi filter in a compact GUI that gets right down to business for warm and juicy sound. 

Vogue: The ultimate Channel Strip. Gives your records the touch of expensive hardware devices, signals appear shiny and with more presence immediately and receive the final polish from first class virtual analog processors like Gate, Preamp, Overdrive, Compressor, Dynamic EQ, Multimode Filter, Delay and Reverb.
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  • All of Sugar Bytes plug-ins in one complete collection
  • Includes:
  • Aparillo
  • Obscurium
  • Effectrix
  • Egoist
  • Looperator
  • Factory
  • Cyclop
  • Turnado
  • Guitarist
  • Thesys
  • Consequence
  • Effectrix
  • Artillery2
  • WOW
  • Unique
  • Vogue