These Rack Ears are specially designed steel rack ears to fit the Yamaha TF1 mixer into the 1SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig or the 1SKB19-R1400 GigSafe (both sold separately).

The rack ears will allow the mixer to sit lower into the case, allowing the user to mount an optional 1SKB-AV14 AV Shelf and still be able to fit the lid on without bumping the top of the mixer. The Rack Ears come with screws and washers for easy mounting.
  • Steel rack ears for durability
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Carton Length: 16", 40.64 cm
  • Carton Width: 4.88", 12.38 cm
  • Carton Depth: 1.25", 3.18 cm
  • Rack Space Units Total: 14