The SJC Drums Providence Series Snare Drum is a preconfigured snare and ideal for touring the globe or tracking in the studio. Built with USA-handcrafted maple shells, crowned with hand-cut classic 45° bearing edges and topped with heavy duty hoops and hardware, this snare drum delivers a cutting, contoured tone and just the right balance of dryness and sustain. Unbelievably eye-catching brass hardware accents give the Providence a classy and custom look and feel. Every Providence snare drum comes outfitted with SJC’s iconic shield badge and a hand-tuned complement of Evans USA drumheads.

Select maple shells
Maple is king of the stage and studio. But as discriminating drummers know, not all maple plies are created equal. That’s why the SJC Providence snare is built from 10 plies of 100% choice North American maple. These woods, in concert with SJC’s two decades of custom drum fabrication expertise, deliver the powerful projection and crisp, even tone that today’s drummers demand.

Hand-cut 45° bearing edges
Every SJC Providence bearing edge is hand cut and shaped to perfection. This level of precision allows heads and shells to resonate to their full potential. It also promotes long-lasting, even tuning.

Heavy duty hoops and hardware
SJC Providence Snare drums are outfitted with 3.0mm triple flanged hoops to add extra focus and controlled sustain. Paired with SJC's drop throw and 20 strand wires, it provides an ideal snare tone right out of the box with versatile tonal capability.

Tuned up with Evans USA heads
You can show out the day your Providence snare arrives at your door. A full set of Evans USA drumheads, optimized for your snare, come installed, stretched, and tuned by SJC’s master builders.
  • North American maple shells exhibit a balanced, powerful voice
  • Glossy marble wrapped finishes
  • Accented by brass hoops and hardware
  • Hand-cut 45° bearing edges provide the right balance of dryness and sustain
  • 2.3mm triple-flanged steel hoops reveal an open tone
  • Shield lugs are dependable and whisper quiet
  • Tuned up and ready to rock with Evans USA heads
  • Size: 6" x 14"

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