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The SJC Tour Series maple shell pack boasts the same features, integrity and status as SJC's made-to-order drums — except these handcrafted American beauties are available on a touring drummer's schedule and budget. The SJC Tour is a traveling favorite thanks to its pure, powerful tone and crisp, cutting projection with SJC 45 (45°) bearing edges that maximize volume. SJC Tour shells are also outfitted with low-mass hardware to maximize their tonal potential. The 2.3mm triple-flanged tom hoops invite an open, classic sustain, which provide stable positioning without robbing shells of their natural tone. Tour Series shells come equipped with SJC's iconic shield badges and lugs, and are tuned up and tested to perfection with Evans USA drumheads.
SJC Drums 3-Piece Tour Series Shell Pack with Brass Hardware Ruby Lacquer

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  • Custom-quality drums on a touring drummer's budget
  • All-maple shells are balanced and powerful
  • Hand-cut SJC 45 (45°) bearing edges provide the right balance of dryness and sustain
  • 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops reveal an open tone
  • Shield Lugs are dependable and whisper quiet
  • Evans USA heads (toms: G2 Coated + Genera Resonant; kick: EMAD2 + EQ4 Calftone reso) are tuned up and ready to play
  • Sizes: 8" x 12" toms, 16" x 16" floor tom, 18" x 22" kick drum