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Frame drums with their incredible variety of sounds are amongst the oldest instruments in the world and have numerous faces and cultural backgrounds on every continent. In nearly all cultures on earth at home, the frame drum traditionally sets the tone in the music. A loving attention to detail and a professional sound and manufacturing quality make the Schlagwerk Frame Drums truly spellbinding. Schlagwerk Frame Drums natural stand for a completely pure, natural sound. They are available in different sizes with practical and useful features. Schlagwerk Frame Drums can be tuned using tuning screws integrated within the frame, and allow the subtlest nuances of sound and tone volume.

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  • Skin: goatskin
  • Frame: 7-ply glued beech wood
  • Size: Ø 60 cm / ca. 24"
  • Premium components for best sound and best quality
  • Frame height: 8 cm
  • With holding cross
  • Tunable with 12 tuning screws
  • Including tuning key