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The 545 is a unique take for improving your live sound, delivering natural feedback reduction while adding focus to your primary sound source. It shares some traits with conventional “noise gates” but operates on a different principle. The 545 works by sensing when someone is speaking or singing into a mic and allows the signal to pass through, it then senses when a person has stopped talking or singing and reduces the gain appropriately. To achieve this, the 545 uses an all-analog design instead of digital processing to ensure superb control without compromising audio quality. 

The 545 Primary Source Enhancer is a mono device that is compatible with any 500-Series rack that will effectively increase the level of a live microphone signal, by up to 20dB, before feedback occurs. Its circuitry is based on the acclaimed Portico 5045—a device that has benefited countless tours, arena, houses of worship and broadcast stages worldwide. With its simple, intuitive layout and adjustable controls, the 545 is an invaluable addition to any setup where feedback or reverberation are problematic.
Rupert Neve Designs 545 Primary Source Enhancer
Rupert Neve Designs 545 Primary Source Enhancer

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  • Reduce feedback
  • Improve your live sound
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • All-analog design
  • Circuitry based on Portico 5045