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The warm color of Ruach's Orange Tolex Pedalboards is both eye-catching and classy. Sized at 31 x 14.75 x 3.14 in. (79 x 37.5 x 8 cm), the size 4 is Ruach's largest pedal board on offer. Whether you are a touring musician with the need for a lot of pedals, or a player looking for the ultimate sound from their rig, this pedal board provides you with ample space holding up to 16 standard-sized Boss effects pedals, each comfortably within reach. Integrated solderless locking jacks and enough space underneath to mount your power supply, the size 4 is sure to turn heads.
  • Orange Tolex Finished Pedalboard 
  • 8x Ruach Solderless locking jack outlets
  • Rubber Feet
  • Comes with Carry Case and Velcro
  • Dimensions: 31 x 14.75 x 3.14 in. (79 x 37.5 x 8 cm)

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