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The KD-10 V Kick Pad from Roland is a breakthrough for drummers wanting to practice their craft at home. This innovative kick drum pad delivers the satisfying 'thud' of a real kick drum with a fraction of the volume, thanks to its noise-absorbing rubber cover and internal cushioning. Guitar Center is thrilled to offer the KD-10 V Kick Pad, the perfect solution for drummers in apartments, condos and anywhere else noise may be an issue.

Quiet Thud, Real Feel

Burying your bass drum beater into the KD-10 V Kick Pad yields an authentic kick drum sound at a volume suitable for home. Its rubber cover and internal cushioning absorb up to 80% of the noise from a standard kick drum, but the feel remains familiar. Adjust the pad's rebound and 'throne height' to suit your playing style and the KD-10 V Kick Pad becomes an extension of your creativity.

Double the Inspiration

The KD-10 V Kick Pad works seamlessly with double bass drum pedals, opening up new possibilities for complex rhythms and patterns at any hour. Its sturdy design and proprietary mounting system securely supports the forces from the most aggressive double pedal playing.

Fits Your Setup

With an array of compatible clamps and mounts, the KD-10 V Kick Pad integrates into virtually any drum set configuration. Its slim profile lets you position it exactly where your acoustic kick drum would sit so your muscle memory and technique remain consistent whether practicing loud or soft.

All the Essentials, None of the Noise

The KD-10 V Kick Pad comes ready to play right out of the box with everything you need to start practicing in peace. Pick up this innovative kick drum pad at Guitar Center and never miss a beat—no matter what time it is.

Roland V Drums KD-10 Kick Pad
Roland V Drums KD-10 Kick Pad
Roland V Drums KD-10 Kick Pad

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  • Head naturally absorbs the shock of the beater
  • All the feel of an acoustic kick drum, with dedicated mesh material and cushion
  • Low-noise design with the rubber cover
  • Compatible with single and double kick pedals
  • Enhanced stability via wide-based design that prevents rocking motion when playing
  • 5" pad

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