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The Roland TDM-10 heavy-duty drum mat. Engineered to safeguard a variety of Roland V-Drums kits, this high-performance mat prevents components from slipping while dampening impact vibrations and protecting floors. Adorned with the iconic Roland logo, the TDM-10 mat is the premier choice for drummers who demand the best.

Industrial-Strength Construction

Built to withstand the pounding of the most intense drum sessions, the TDM-10 mat is constructed from durable, high-density polyethylene fibers. Its rugged, non-slip texture keeps drum modules, pedals, thrones and kick drums securely in place. Measuring 59" x 47", this drum mat accommodates most full-sized drum kits with space to spare.

Advanced Impact Absorption

The TDM-10 mat muffles vibrations to minimize noise transfer through the floor. Its 3/8" thickness soaks up the force from kick drums, bass drums and tom-toms, reducing disturbance to rooms below and adjacent spaces. Play freely without restraint using this innovative drum mat.

Esthetic Appeal

While the TDM-10 mat prioritizes performance, it also enhances the look of any drum kit. The iconic Roland name is tastefully embroidered onto a sleek black background, complementing the style of V-Drums. Elevate your drumming experience with a mat that matches Roland quality standards.

Unparalleled Versatility

Compatible with a wide range of Roland V-Drums including the TD-07KV, TD-17 series, TD-1 series and VAD500 series, the TDM-10 mat provides comprehensive coverage. Its generous dimensions and slip-resistant surface also support drum kits from other brands.

Roland TDM-10 Drum Mat
Roland TDM-10 Drum Mat

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  • 3-layer structure with nylon filament, felt and soft urethane resin for noise reduction and shock absorption
  • Excellent match with Velcro tape to hold the kick-trigger pad or kick pedal on the mat
  • Non-flammable materials

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Size and Weight
  • Width
  • 1,200 mm, 47-1/4"
  • Depth
  • 1,300 mm, 51-3/16"
  • Height
  • 8 mm, 3/8"
  • Weight
  • 2.1 kg, 4 lb. 11 oz.

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