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Roland SH-4d Desktop Synthesizer Overviewplay button

Roland SH-4d Desktop Synthesizer Overview

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Roland SH-4d Desktop Synthesizer OSC Models Sounds Only


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Roland's SH-4d desktop synthesizer is a powerhouse production station built to unleash musical creativity. With 11 oscillator models and a multitimbral pattern sequencer, you can design sounds spanning musical genres and craft layered compositions that evolve over time. Extensive effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and distortion, provide the sonic versatility to shape your sounds. And with 128-voice polyphony, you have the freedom to create complex patches with rich layers.

Diverse Oscillators Shape Your Sound

The SH-4d's 11 oscillator models, including analog, FM, wavetable and virtual analog types, give you a palette of tonal options to build the sounds you imagine. From earth-shaking basses to ethereal pads to searing leads, the SH-4d has you covered. With dedicated oscillator, pitch, filter, amp and LFO sections for each timbre, you have the control to craft your personalized sounds.

Pattern Sequencer Constructs Evolving Compositions

The SH-4d's multitimbral pattern sequencer allows you to create rhythmic sequences, basslines, arpeggios and melodic passages that develop over time. With options to control gate time, velocity, motion sequence and more, your patterns can become dynamic performances. Chain up to 64 patterns together in a song to build fully realized compositions. The sequencer also syncs to external MIDI clock so you can integrate the SH-4d into your DAW-based productions or hardware setups.

Perform and Record Expressive Gestures

The SH-4d's hands-on panel puts essential controls at your fingertips to facilitate an intuitive and spontaneous workflow. Dynamic knobs, sliders, switches and pads respond to velocity and aftertouch, allowing you to perform expressive gestures that can be recorded as motion sequences. Two assignable ribbon controllers provide an innovative method of manipulating sounds in real time. Everything about the SH-4d is designed to transform your musical ideas into reality.

Take Your Synth Anywhere

Compact and portable, the SH-4d is a synthesizer you can take anywhere. Whether crafting sounds in your studio, performing on stage or creating on the go, the SH-4d is your creative companion. USB, 5-pin DIN and stereo 1/4" jacks provide connectivity options for integrating with MIDI controllers, keyboards, amps and more.

Roland SH-4d Compact Desktop Synthesizer
Roland SH-4d Compact Desktop Synthesizer
Roland SH-4d Compact Desktop Synthesizer

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Compact desktop synthesizer with professional sound design tools, intuitive hands-on workflow and onboard pattern sequencer
  • Eleven OSC models cover everything from vintage analog and classic PCM tones to cutting-edge digital textures
  • Multitimbral sequencer with 128 patterns, real-time recording, two step-entry modes and motion recording
  • Dedicated filter, amplifier and LFO sections with comprehensive controls

collapse expand iconSpecs

User Memory
  • Sound Patch: 256
  • Pattern: 128
  • SH-4d
  • SH-3D
  • SYNC
  • SH-101
  • JUNO-106
  • Cross FM
  • RING
  • PCM
  • RHYTHM (only for RHYTHM part
Maximum Polyphony
  • 60 voices (varies according to the sound generator load)
  • 5 parts (Tone part: 4, Rhythm part: 1)
  • Multi-Effects: 5 systems, 93 types
  • Reverb: 9 types
  • Chorus: 5 types
  • Delay: 5 types
  • Master Effect: 93 types
  • Master EQ / CompArpeggiator5 types
  • Parts: 5
  • Steps: 64
  • Sub Steps
  • Flam
  • Probability
  • Switch Keyboard
  • Step buttons
  • D-Motion (motion sensor)DisplayGraphic LCD 128 x 64 dots
  • PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4" phone type
  • MIX IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • EXT CLK IN jack: Mono miniature phone type
  • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
  • USB port: USB Type-C(R) (Audio, MIDI)
Power Supply
  • USB bus power supply (USB Type-C(R) port)
  • Ni-MH batteries (AA, HR6) (commercially available) x 4
  • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) (commercially available) x 4
Current Draw
  • 500 mA (USB bus power supply)
Expected battery life under continuous use
  • Alkaline battery: Approx. 4 hours
  • Ni-MH battery: Approx. 5 hours
  • *This can vary depending on the specifications of the batteries, capacity of the batteries, and the conditions of use.
  • Quick Start
  • "Safety Precautions" leaflet
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable
  • Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4
Size and Weight
  • Width: 14-3/16"
  • Depth: 7-11/16"
  • Height: 2-5/8"
  • Weight (excluding batteries): 3 lb. 15 oz.

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