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The Roland RD-08 stage piano provides legendary, flagship RD performance in an all-new package for players of all stripes. With a streamlined yet rugged design, the RD-08 delivers uncompromising sound and playability for professional gigging and recording. Key features include an expansive instrument library, a dynamic, "real-feel" keybed and an ultraportable footprint that’s studio- and stage-ready.

Roland RD-08 Stage Piano Sound Library

Versatile Sound Library

The Roland RD-08 puts a vast selection of expressive acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synths, strings, brass and more at your fingertips to tackle any musical style. Powered by acclaimed Roland SuperNATURAL technology and the ZEN-Core engine, the RD-08 is filled with soulful sounds for boundless expression, to the tune of over 3,000 patches. Once you’ve exhausted what this digital stage piano has to offer out of the box, you can tap into the Roland Cloud ecosystem to upgrade the RD-08 through an optional one-time purchase and equip it with even more musicality for nonstop creativity.

Roland RD-08 Stage Piano PHA-4 Keyboard

PHA-4 Keyboard

The RD-08 offers premium playability with its PHA-4 88-note keyboard, featuring weighted hammer action and ivory-feel, piano-touch keys for an authentic acoustic grand response. Crafted from over four decades of Roland piano expertise, the PHA-4 provides a seamless, natural playing experience with innovative design elements that reduce weight without compromising performance.

Roland RD-08 Stage Piano Intuitive Controls

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Designed for fast navigation on stage, the RD-08 features an intuitive interface with illuminated buttons and encoders. Easily sculpt your tone and adjust effects with dedicated sound-shaping tools at the ready, placed to help you navigate intricate sets and rapid patch changes fluidly. Plus, you can always dial in your favorite settings and save them as Scenes for lightning-quick recall at the touch of a button—the RD-08 is built to perform.

Roland RD-08 Stage Piano Portability

Compact and Lightweight

Despite its robust sound and features, the RD-08 has a compact, streamlined form factor that’s easy to transport and set up. Carting the RD-08 between rehearsals and gigs is hassle-free thanks to its light weight, and the keyboard is reassuringly durable to withstand inevitable bumps and bruises along the way. When you’re ready to take the stage, the Roland RD-08 digital piano is made to move.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or touring pro, the Roland RD-08 stage piano puts premier RD performance and playability at your fingertips in an affordable, upgradeable package. Serious musicians will appreciate its massive sound library, premium PHA-4 keyboard, intuitive interface and lightweight, rugged design. When it comes to keyboards, seeing is believing, hearing is better and playing is the pinnacle, so stop by your local Guitar Center and experience the Roland RD-08 firsthand.

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  • Premium SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos with expressive character
  • PHA-4 88-note weighted-action keyboard with Ivory Feel for authentic grand piano touch
  • 3,000+ sounds including organs, synths, strings, brass driven by ZEN-Core engine
  • Built-in stereo speaker system for rich, room-filling sound without external amp

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