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Roland PM Series Personal Monitor for V-Drums


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Specifically optimized for Roland's renowned V-Drums, this 2-channel, 180W powered monitor delivers the full sonic depth and crisp detail of electronic percussion with stunning accuracy. The 12" woofer and onboard tweeter generate rich, room-filling sound through an ingenious wedge design aimed directly at the player. Independent level controls for V-Drums and an auxiliary input—perfect for jamming to backing tracks—provide balanced monitoring for any playing situation. Meanwhile, a pair of XLR outputs sends your mix to stage PAs or recording equipment with the turn of a dial. When you need an immersive monitoring experience tailored to the nuances of your electronic kit, the PM-200 is the ultimate solution.

Custom Speaker System Reproduces V-Drums With Unparalleled Fidelity

The PM-200 feature are a custom 12" woofer and horn tweeter that deliver 180W of power and a frequency range optimized for V-Drums. The result is a crisp, full reproduction of electronic percussion that lets you feel the enveloping lows and subtle articulations of every strike.

Wedge Design Directs Sound Precisely to the Player

The PM-200's wedge-shaped cabinet focuses sound upward to the seated drummer through an angled front panel. This intelligent design immerses you in your V-Drums' sound while preventing unwanted projection into the room—ideal for practice spaces of all sizes. A sturdy top handle provides convenient transport and positioning on stage or in the studio.

Flexible Inputs and Outputs For Any Application

In addition to a dedicated V-Drums input with level control, the PM-200 features 1/4" and 1/8" auxiliary inputs to connect smartphones, tablets and other audio sources for accompaniment. Independent volume controls for the V-Drums and auxiliary sections make balancing inputs a breeze. Meanwhile, a pair of XLR outputs sends the PM-200's mix to PA systems, recording equipment and more—allowing you to replicate your ideal monitoring setup in any environment.

Road-Ready Ruggedness in a Compact Package

Despite its considerable power and projection, the PM-200 has a streamlined, road-ready design that's built to handle the demands of travel and live performance. A durable cabinet and rugged components provide lasting reliability, while the wedge shape and top handle maximize portability for drummers on the move.

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  • Premium all-in-one monitor designed for use with V-Drums electronic percussion products
  • Equipped with 180 watts of power, a custom 12" speaker and horn tweeter
  • Angled design provides ideal sound coverage for the seated player
  • Integrated mixer with independent volume controls and global EQ
  • Dedicated V-Drums input, plus 1/4" and 1/8" line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones and music players
  • Two XLR direct outputs, with selectable stereo or dual mono output for a V-Drums module connected in stereo
  • Unique full-width bar handle for easy floor adjustment and carrying convenience