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The Roland KC-600 4-channel keyboard amplifier delivers 200 watts of power and full-range sound in a portable package. This amp is designed for keyboardists, synthesists and electronic musicians who want stellar audio and maximum flexibility. With four stereo line inputs, an XLR mic input, stereo auxiliary input and subwoofer out, the KC-600 handles any setup.

Newly Designed Speakers Reproduce Every Nuance

Roland custom-designed the KC-600's 15" woofer and tweeter to bring out the depth and detail of keyboards, synthesizers and digital instruments. The woofer extends low frequencies for prominent bass, while the tweeter adds clarity to the highs. Together, they provide a balanced, articulate sound that captures the full character of your gear.

Reimagined Power Section Delivers Thunderous Low End

At the heart of the KC-600 is a redesigned power amp and supply that provide pure, stable power. They drive the custom speakers to pump out tighter, more impactful bass than previous KC models. Synth patches, organ draws and rhythm loops gain a solid, confident foundation that will shake any stage.

Onboard Mixing Simplifies Your Setup

With four stereo line inputs, an XLR mic input and stereo auxiliary input, the KC-600 functions as a portable mixer. Connect keyboards, synths, pads, backing tracks and mics—this amp handles it all. Use the channel and master level controls to set the ideal blend, then send your mix to the stereo line outputs for connecting to a PA or recording interface.

Expandable and Connectable for Any Gig

For more channels or true stereo sound, link two KC-600 amps via Stereo Link. The subwoofer out adds thunderous low-end with an external powered sub. Record your performance or stream it live using the line outputs. And for silent practice, the headphone jack lets you play day or night.

Roland KC-600 Keyboard Amplifier
Roland KC-600 Keyboard Amplifier
Roland KC-600 Keyboard Amplifier

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  • Compact and versatile keyboard amplifier with 200 watts of power
  • Redesigned power amp and universal power supply 
  • Custom 2-way speaker system with newly developed 15 in. woofer and horn tweeter
  • Onboard mixer with four stereo input channels, stereo auxiliary input, and master EQ
  • Output Select function on Channel 4 for monitoring click and guide tracks
  • Chain another KC-600 with the Stereo Link function for more inputs and true stereo sound on stage

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