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The Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus is a versatile 30-watt stereo amp providing Roland's signature Dimensional Stereo sound in a scaled-down size that's ideal for home practice and recording. With two 6.5" custom-designed speakers and Roland's iconic JC clean tone, the JC-22 faithfully recreates the sound of its larger counterparts. It also includes onboard chorus and reverb effects for rich, spacious sound. A front-panel stereo input allows you to plug in modelers, multi-effects, and stereo pedals for enhanced creativity. Built to the same standards of sound and durability that Roland JC amps are renowned for, the JC-22 makes legendary tone more accessible than ever before.

Dimensional Space Chorus Creates Immersive Sound

The JC-22's Dimensional Space Chorus effect provides the spacious, three-dimensional sound that the Jazz Chorus series is famous for. This effect operates in true stereo, filling the room with lush, swirling sound that brings guitar parts to life. The JC-22's custom-designed speakers are specifically voiced to enhance the effect of the Dimensional Space Chorus, resulting in an expansive stereo image that seems far larger than the amp's compact size.

High-Quality Reverb for Extra Depth

In addition to its signature chorus, the JC-22 includes a studio-quality reverb effect for extra sonic depth and dimension. The reverb operates in stereo along with the onboard chorus, allowing you to create massive, enveloping sound that brings guitar parts to vibrant life. The reverb can be used alone or in combination with the JC-22's Dimensional Space Chorus for a huge range of tonal possibilities.

Connectivity for Creative Freedom

Despite its scaled-down size, the JC-22 is equipped with a range of useful connections for enhanced creativity. The front-panel stereo input allows you to connect modelers, multi-effects, and stereo pedals for spacious sound. Around back, there's a stereo effects loop for integrating external processors, as well as line out jacks for direct connection to mixers, recorders, and audio interfaces. The JC-22 also supports optional footswitches for remote control of the onboard chorus and reverb effects.

The Perfect Amp for Practice and Play

With its compact size, legendary clean tone, and built-in effects, the JC-22 Jazz Chorus is ideal for practice, recording, and intimate live performance. Its 30 watts of power provide ample volume for home use while remaining highly portable. The JC-22's stereo capabilities and Dimensional Space Chorus open up creative possibilities for guitarists, making it a great tool for composition and songwriting. Experience the iconic sound of Roland JC amps in an ultra-compact package.

Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus 30W 2x6.5 Guitar Combo Amplifier Black
Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus 30W 2x6.5 Guitar Combo Amplifier Black
Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus 30W 2x6.5 Guitar Combo Amplifier Black

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  • Power: 30W
  • Single channel
  • Stereo inputs for true stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedals
  • Speakers: 2x6.5
  • Controls: 3-band EQ, volume, bright switch, reverb, chorus speed, chorus depth
  • FX: Signature Dimensional Space Chorus, high-quality reverb
  • Footswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off
  • Stereo effects loop for connecting external effects
  • Series/parallel FX loop switch
  • Stereo line out
  • Headphone output
  • Footswitch sold separately
  • Dimensions: 18.19 in. x 13.31 in. x 9.4 in.
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs.

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