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Learn to Play Guitar with Rock Prod

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How Rock Prodigy Works

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Better than books and videos, Rock Prodigy:
· Listens to every note
· Provides immediate feedback
· Awards points for playing correctly
· Tracks your progress automatically
· You know exactly how well you are doing because you see realtime feedback while you are playing, like a video game, but you learn real-world skills like chords, scales, rhythm, technique and theory.

Your new life with guitar starts now
Learning guitar is easier and faster. Rock Prodigy transforms your PC, Mac, or iPad into the ultimate personal trainer for guitar - that works on your schedule. By hearing and seeing what you're supposed to sound like while you are learning, you will be playing faster and easier than with other methods.

Rock Prodigy is the new, faster way to learn essential skills
Best of all, you will know exactly what to practice each day so you can play guitar better for the rest of your life. Instead of randomly organized tips and tricks, our master teachers take the guesswork out of learning guitar in an immersive, interactive and meticulously guided environment that listens to you and tracks your progress.

You'll be playing guitar in minutes
Rock Prodigy is simple to use and follow: "Right note, right time." That's how simple it is. It shows you the note to play, and when to play it. You try to follow along and play. Rock Prodigy awards points for playing correctly. That's why students love it. Plus, they hear their progress faster than they ever imagined.

Works with any guitar, acoustic or electric
The best way to learn to play guitar is to learn on your own guitar. That's why Rock Prodigy's proprietary polyphonic pitch recognition is designed to use the standard Windows, Mac, or iPad/iPhone microphone for acoustic guitars, or the standard line-in, if you have an electric guitar and any one of many common adapters.

Rock Prodigy Course 1 is specifically designed and sequenced to get you playing faster than ever
With Rock Prodigy you will be learning from some of the world's best teachers. Our guitar teachers are professionals trained at Musicians Institute. Their lessons and songs are set within a teaching system developed by Dr. Richard Gard of Yale University. We utilize the best education science of the past 40 years so Rock Prodigy students learn quickly - even students who tried to play guitar before.
Rock Prodigy Learn Guitar Course 1 (Retail Box or Activation Code for PC/Mac/iOS) Course 1

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  • Learn from pro guitar players
  • Rhythm
    • Single Notes
    • Basic Rock
    • Counting Beats and Measures
    • 8th Note Variations
    • 8th Meets 16th
    • Basic Fretting 1
    • Basic Fretting 2
    • Basic Picking
    • Chromatic 1
    • Chromatic 2
    • One String Major
    • One String Minor
    • Whole Step And Half Step
    • Natural Notes
    • Accidentals
    • Major Scale
    • Open Position Power Chord
    • Open Major C, A, G
    • Open Major E, D, F
    • Open Minor Em, Am, Dm

    collapse expand iconSpecs

    System Requirements
    • :
    • Windows: XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    • Mac (Intel-based only): OS X 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1GB
    • Internet connection
    • 1024 x 768 display resolution
    • USB or analog 44.1kHz audio in/out
    Guitar connection
    • For acoustic guitars:
    • An internal or external computer microphone and headphones
    For electric guitars:
    • 1/4" to 1/8" adapter for your guitar cable
    • OR guitar-to-USB adapter
    • OR small amplifier with "clean" channel, computer microphone and headphones