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The RhythmTech Drum Kit Pack (RTDKP), a complete solution for adding percussive accents to your drum set. The RTDKP includes a Studio Series cowbell and a drum set tambourine, along with a mounting bracket for seamless integration into your kit. Available at an affordable price, the RTDKP gives drummers an easy way to expand their rhythmic palette.

Versatile 5" Cowbell Produces a Range of Tones

The RTDKP includes Rhythm Tech's RT3005 5" studio cowbell, which produces a variety of pitches from high-pitched rings to lower clangs. By striking the cowbell with different parts of the stick and at varying strengths, drummers can create contrasting accents and rhythms. The cowbell's compact 5" size allows for placement in tight spaces around a drum kit.

Durable Tambourine Provides Crisp, Metallic Jingles

Rhythm Tech's DST10 drum set tambourine included in the RTDKP features a durable polymer frame and double rows of nickel jingles for crisp, metallic sounds. The DST10 produces a range of jingle effects, from soft shakes to loud cymbal-like crashes. Its plastic frame prevents the jingles from damaging drumsticks during energetic playing. The DST10 mounts to the included bracket, keeping the tambourine securely in place next to the drum set.

Convenient Mounting Bracket Installs Easily on Any Drum Set

The RTDKP includes a universal mounting bracket that attaches the cowbell and tambourine to any drum set. The bracket installs on a 3/8" rod, allowing drummers to position the percussion effects in an optimal spot on their kit. Once installed, the bracket holds the cowbell and tambourine securely in place during performances and recordings.

Add Rhythmic Possibilities to Your Drum Set

With a studio-quality cowbell, drum set tambourine, and mounting bracket, the RhythmTech Drum Kit Pack provides drummers with an affordable way to expand their rhythmic vocabulary. The RTDKP gives drummers increased flexibility to create unique percussion-filled grooves that will energize any musical performance.

Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack
Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack

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6 month warranty.