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The B Stock Supraphonic chrome over brass snare drum from Ludwig offers the bright, cutting tone and crisp articulation that has defined this iconic American-made snare line for decades. Equipped with triple-flanged hoops that enhance responsiveness and a 6.5" deep shell that produces fat, projecting tone, this chrome over brass snare provides versatile sound that works for rock, pop, jazz and more. The triple-flanged hoops give you excellent rimshot and cross stick definition. With 10 classic lugs and a P-85 throw-off contributing vintage character, the B Stock Supraphonic snare combines modern, versatile tone with iconic Ludwig style.

Triple-Flanged Hoops Enhance Responsiveness

The B Stock Supraphonic snare is equipped with Ludwig's excellent triple-flanged hoops, giving you great sensitivity and articulation. The flanged design allows the drumhead to sit securely while still enabling a certain amount of give, letting the drum freely vibrate for enhanced responsiveness. You'll be able to pull off intricate ghost notes, subtle buzz rolls and sharp rimshots with excellent definition.

Deep 6.5" Shell Produces Fat, Projecting Tone

This Supraphonic snare features a 6.5" deep chrome over brass shell, providing you with full a tone that really cuts through the mix. The generous 6.5" depth gives the drum plenty of body, while the metal shell produces crystalline highs and a focused attack. From cracking snare backbeats to orchestral accents, the deep shell provides the depth and power you need while retaining the articulate presence Supraphonic snares are known for.

10 Classic Lugs and P-85 Throw-Off for Vintage Character

This Supraphonic snare maintains the iconic cosmetic appointments Ludwig is known for. The drum features 10 classic tube lugs as well as Ludwig's P-85 throw-off, giving the drum a classic visual vibe. The snare wires engage easily and securely thanks to the sturdy P-85 throw-off, providing reliable snare response. Visually distinct and road-ready, this snare carries on the Ludwig legacy.

American-Made with Chrome Over Brass Construction

As with all Supraphonic snares, this drum is handcrafted in America using Ludwig's exacting modern manufacturing techniques. The snare features a one-piece chrome-plated brass shell, known for brightness, focus and pure tonality. The chrome plating gives the drum a gleaming finish and protects the brass underneath. Made in the USA using quality materials and workmanship, this versatile Supraphonic snare provides the Ludwig pedigree discerning drummers demand. This B stock version of the classic Supraphonic might come with minor blemishes.

Restock Ludwig B Stock Supraphonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in.
Restock Ludwig B Stock Supraphonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in.
Restock Ludwig B Stock Supraphonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in.

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  • 6.5" deep brass shell for fat, projecting tone
  • Triple-flanged hoops for enhanced responsiveness
  • 10 classic lugs
  • P-85 throw-off for versatile tuning

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