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The Remo Silentstroke Practice Pad, an innovative 8" pad that reduces volume by 80% while maintaining superior feel and response. Perfect for drummers seeking to improve their skills without disturbing others, the Silentstroke Practice Pad features Remo's proprietary Silentstroke drumhead and a non-slip rubber bottom that allows for upright stand mounting or tabletop use.

Silentstroke Drumhead Dampens Sound, Not Feel

At the heart of the Silentstroke Practice Pad is Remo's patented Silentstroke drumhead, which dampens volume while preserving playing feel. The result is an pad that plays and responds like an acoustic drumhead but with 80% less volume—perfect for practicing rudiments, stick control, and drumming fundamentals without disturbing roommates, family or neighbors.

Versatile and Portable Design

The Silentstroke Practice Pad's compact 8" size and 1.5lb weight make it perfectly portable, so you can hone your craft anywhere inspiration strikes. Its non-slip rubber bottom allows for upright stand mounting using any standard drum stand, or tabletop playing. A built-in handle provides convenient carrying between locations.

Superior Build Quality

Like all Remo products, the Silentstroke Practice Pad is built to exacting standards using high-quality, durable materials. Its solid wood shell and Silentstroke drumhead are designed to withstand years of regular use and still feel like new.

A Practice Pad For All Skill Levels

Beginners, intermediate players and professionals alike will appreciate the Silentstroke Practice Pad. Its combination of low volume, natural feel and portability make it the perfect tool for building foundational skills, maintaining chops on the road or in small spaces and experimenting with new techniques without disturbing others.

Remo Silentstroke Practice Pad 8 in.