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The Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass Drum Head with Impact Patch provides the focused bass tone, punchy attack and durability that live performers and studio drummers demand. Remo's innovative Falam impact patch brings extra power and an aggressive beater click to your kick drum. A thin underlay along the outer edge gently dampens overtones for a balanced, controlled tone that cuts through the mix. With Powerstroke 3, your bass drum has never sounded better or lasted longer.

Falam Impact Patch Boosts Attack

Remo's durable Falam impact patch is securely bonded to the center of the Powerstroke 3 drumhead, right where your beater strikes. This patch strengthens the head and provides an articulate "click" with each kick drum stroke, helping your bass drum cut through loud mixes. Despite the patch's durability, the head remains highly responsive for accurate reproduction of your playing dynamics.

Thin Underlay Tames Overtones

A thin ring of material laminated under the outer edge of the Powerstroke 3 head gently dampens high-frequency overtones that can make bass drums sound boomy or uncontrolled. This underlay allows the fundamental tone and midrange frequencies to ring clearly while tightening up the overall sound of the drum. The result is a balanced, punchy bass drum tone that speaks with authority in any style of music.

One-Ply Clarity With Lasting Durability

The single-ply Mylar film used in Powerstroke 3 provides transparency and resonance while standing up to the hardest-hitting players. Although lighter than Remo's two-ply Emperor-weight heads, Powerstroke 3 is reinforced in strategic areas to prevent premature wearing and ensure maximum longevity from your investment. Powerstroke 3 also features Remo's proprietary Skyndeep pre-muffled technology, which provides built-in dampening without sacrificing the open, resonant sound that has made Remo famous.

Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass Drum Head With Impact Patch 16 in.

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