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The Remo 15" Coated Pinstripe drumhead delivers a sound sought after by drummers of all styles. Constructed from dual 7mm Mylar plies with an internal tone-dampening ring, this drumhead tames overtones and resonance for a fat, pronounced sound with moderate attack and response. The coated playing surface also provides subtle warmth and allows for expressive brushwork. Whether recording in the studio or performing on stage, the Remo Pinstripe drumhead helps drummers of rock, pop, R&B and more achieve the robust, controlled drum sound they desire.

Specialized Dampening Ring Reduces Overtone Ring

At the heart of the Remo Pinstripe drumhead full yet focused tone is an internal dampening ring that inhibits excessive overtone ring and resonance. Sandwiched between two plies of durable 7mm Mylar film, this muffling agent allows lower frequencies to resonate freely while suppressing problematic higher overtones. The result is a drumhead with rich, fat tone and a quick decay suited for a wide range of musical applications.

Versatile Coated Playing Surface

The Remo Pinstripe drumhead features a coated playing surface, which provides subtle warmth and texture. This versatile surface produces articulate stick definition for crisp backbeats and ghost notes, yet its semi-smooth texture also allows for expressive brushwork. Drummers can coax a range of tones from bold and punchy to soft and sweeping.

Roadworthy Construction

Remo has been crafting world-class drumheads for over 60 years and builds the Pinstripe Coated to meet the demands of touring musicians. Two plies of 7mm Mylar film provide durability and prevent warping or denting. An advanced laminating process bonds the internal dampening ring between plies for a drumhead that maintains tone and performance over time. Rugged and roadworthy, the Remo Pinstripe Coated 15" drumhead handles the stresses of live shows and transportation with ease.

The Perfect Fit

The Remo Pinstripe drumhead comes in a variety of standard sizes to suit most drum kits. At 15 inches in diameter, this model fits common rack toms and produces a punchy, full tone that cuts through the mix. For drummers seeking fat, warm tone in a mid-range size, the Remo Pinstripe Coated 15" drumhead is an ideal choice.

Remo Pinstripe Coated Drumhead 18 in.

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