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This convenient pack includes one 14 in Coated Ambassador drumhead, one free 14 in. Ambassador snare-side drumhead, and one 22 in. Clear Powerstroke 3 bass drumhead.

The Remo Ambassador 14 in. coated snare head is the most widely used drumhead in the world. The ones all others are judged by. Medium thickness. These are the reigning champs for studio recording. Classic white coat for toughness and use with brushes. Great for rock and pop.

Snare-side resonant heads are responsible for the projection and sustain of your drums. With the free Ambassador Hazy resonant head, you will achieve more clarity and vibrancy in your snare drum sound.

The clear Powerstroke 3 bass drumhead features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo's most preferred replacement drumheads.

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  • One 14 in. Remo Ambassador drum head
  • One free 14 in. Remo snare-side Ambassador Hazy drum head
  • One 22 in. Remo clear Powerstroke 3 bass drum head

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