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The Remo Controlled Sound Black Dot Batter Head 20" is designed for a wide range of musical applications. Constructed from a single ply of 10-mil film and featuring a laminated 5-mil dot at its center, this 20" batter head offers articulate attack, enhanced projection and improved durability. Its dual-zone design provides a blend of sensitivity and power, with the outer area producing articulate midrange tones and the center dot controlling unwanted overtones while withstanding heavier playing styles.

Focused Tone and Sensitivity

The Black Dot Batter Head delivers a blend of sensitivity and power ideal for a range of musical genres and playing styles. Its 10-mil film provides articulate attack and midrange tone, while the 5-mil center dot eliminates unwanted overtones and enhances durability for heavier hitters. This combination results in a dual-zone head with a responsive outer area surrounding a reinforced center, producing a focused tone with a clearly defined pitch.

Enhanced Durability and Projection

The Black Dot Batter Head is built to withstand the demands of studio and stage. Its 10-mil film offers enhanced projection, while the 5-mil laminated dot reinforces the head's center to prevent premature wear from heavier playing styles. This combination of sensitivity and durability results in a head with studio-ready tone and gig-ready construction.

Versatile Performance

With its blend of articulation and power, the Black Dot Batter Head is a versatile choice for drummers of all styles. Its dual-zone design provides focused pitch with enhanced durability, ideal for heavier genres. However, the head's 10-mil film also offers sensitivity for lighter playing, making this a studio-ready option for any skill level. Ready for recording, rehearsals and live shows, the Remo Controlled Sound Black Dot Batter Head 20" is a high-performance drumhead for nearly any musical application.

Remo Controlled Sound Black Dot Batter Head 16 in.

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