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The Remo Ambassador Coated 16" bass drumhead, the industry standard for bass drum tone. Constructed with a single ply of 10-mil film and Remo's proprietary coating, the Ambassador Coated bass drumhead provides an ideal balance of warm, resonant tone with bright attack and controlled sustain. The coating slightly dampens the head to reduce overtones, producing fat, punchy bass drum sounds that cut through on stage or in the studio. This versatile drumhead works for all music styles and is a top choice of drummers everywhere.

Full, Round Tone With Punch

The Ambassador coating adds warmth and focus to the drumhead's naturally open tone. The result is a fat, round bass drum sound with punchy attack that provides a solid foundation for the rest of your drum kit. The coating also shortens sustain for tighter, more controlled bass drum sounds that won't wash out your mix.

Single-Ply Durability

Constructed from a single ply of 10-mil Mylar, the Ambassador Coated bass drumhead is highly durable yet responsive. The 10-mil film is thick enough to handle the impact of aggressive bass drum playing but thin enough to produce a wide range of tones. Remo's film is also non-toxic, odorless and highly consistent, ensuring quality and performance in every drumhead.

Versatile Tone For All Music Styles

With its balanced tone and versatile sound, the Remo Ambassador Coated bass drumhead works for all music genres from rock and pop to jazz, blues, hip hop and more. The coating provides focused bass drum sounds for live performance while the warm, round tone shines in the studio. When you need an industry-standard drumhead that does it all, the Ambassador Coated is the top choice.

Remo Ambassador Coated Bass Drum Heads 20 in.
Remo Ambassador Coated Bass Drum Heads 20 in.

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