Rekonga created this 12-Tongue Pro Series electric drum to mimic the sounds and tones of the conga. It's entirely unique—there is no other acoustic or electric percussion instrument quite like it. Each of the 12 tongues on the Rekonga produces a wide range of conga and marimba-like sounds along its length, and when plugged in, every part of the surface is amplified, creating over 20 distinct tones. The result is an instrument that sounds like a large set of conga drums, while remaining portable. Rekonga hand-selects each of their Pro models to ensure the absolute best sounds and tones for stage, concert, studio and jam performances.

The Rekonga is played with a pair of mallets included in the package. Their mallets are all hand-dipped in rubber and tipped with a pure-gum rubber ball.

Instrument cable sold separately.
  • Unique electronic drum designed to mimic conga sounds
  • 12 tongues respond with conga and marimba-like tone when plugged in
  • Instrument creates over 20 unique sounds
  • Played with included mallets
  • Instrument cable not included
  • Connect to any amplifier or sound system with a 1/4" instrument cable
  • Length: 17 1/8"
  • Width: 10 3/4"
  • Height: 6 1/2"
  • Tops: Reclaimed wood and red cedar
  • Body: Sugar maple, white with reddish-brown hues
  • Mallets: Birch and natural gum rubber