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When most people think of the recorder, an elementary classroom setting usually springs to mind - after all, the recorder is used often by music educators for teaching music to youngsters. With that being said, the recorder was a very popular instrument during the Baroque Period, and many well-known bands used the recorder as well, including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Barenaked Ladies. In this section, you'll discover recorders for every skill level and budget. From Hohner and Lyons to Yamaha and Nuvo, all the most respected brands are here and many of these models just happen to be top sellers.

If you're buying a recorder for a child or an entire elementary class, you don't need to purchase the most expensive recorder(s) on the market; there are plenty of affordable recorders here that deserve your consideration. For a single model, check out the Yamaha Baroque Soprano Recorder with Book. This option includes the Baroque 24B Soprano Recorder and the LMI Recorder Method. Or, if you're buying for a full class, go with the Lyons Soprano Recorder Value Bundle 25-Pack. Available in your choice of colors, the Lyons plastic recorder has a Baroque fingering system, double boring for the C# and D# tone holes, controlled intonation and a clear-cut response.

Now for all you recorder players who devoted years of dedication to the instrument, reward yourself with the Rhythm Band 500 Series Soprano & Alto Recorder Pack. Along with the A503A Soprano Recorder and the A509A Alto Recorder, you'll receive a deluxe storage case that fits both models. While you're at it, check out the Yamaha YRA-314B Alto Recorder with Baroque Fingering. This beauty is in the key of F, has a 3-piece construction and a simulated ebony finish.

It's probably obvious to you by now that you don't need to look any further for a new recorder. Unlike most instruments, the simplicity of the recorder is one of its strong suits; pretty much anyone with a passion for playing music can learn one fast. So jump into your options whenever you're ready - whether you're a stage veteran or a music teacher who is looking to purchase a value pack for your entire class, the recorder option for you is just a click or two away.