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The RTOM Moongel Percussion Dampening Gels provide drummers an unparalleled level of control over their instrument's sound. These revolutionary gel pads eliminate excess resonance and mute unwanted overtones, allowing your drum's optimal tone to shine through. Whether recording in the studio or performing on stage, the Moongel Gels are a must-have for any serious percussionist looking to enhance their craft.

Cut and Apply for Precise Control

The Moongel Gels' pliable, self-adhesive material can be cut to suit your needs and sticks firmly to drum heads, cymbals and auxiliary percussion. Simply place the gels on the desired spot and experience an immediate sonic upgrade. Move the pads around until you achieve your perfect balance of dampening and resonance.

Reusable and Non-Toxic

Wash and reuse the Moongel Gels for years of reliable service. Their non-toxic formula will not damage your gear and provides a safe solution for controlling your drum sound.

Unlock Your Drum's Potential

Why settle for an inferior drum tone? The Moongel Gels give percussionists the power to optimize their instrument's sound. Enhance clarity, improve articulation and eliminate excess ring. Unlock a world of possibilities and achieve the drum tone you've always imagined.

A Must-Have for Any Serious Drummer

From beginners to professionals, the Moongel Gels are an essential tool for drummers of all skill levels. Take your playing to new heights and get the most out of your drum kit with these innovative dampening pads. Experience what your drums are truly capable of with the RTOM Moongel Percussion Dampening Gels.

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