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The Puresound Super 30 Series Snare Wire 14" delivers penetrating snare presence for discerning drummers. With 30 strands of medium-gauge steel wire, this premium snare wire creates an unmistakably crisp tone with enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness. Compared to traditional snares, the Super 30 Series aids in achieving a snappier, more articulate snare response ideal for intricate ghost notes and buzz rolls. This professional-quality snare wire is precision engineered in the U.S to meet the needs of the most demanding studio and live performances.

Wider Format, Fuller Sound

While most wide-format snare wires can choke tone and feel, the Super 30 Series utilizes Puresound's handcrafted construction to provide a distinctive and balanced sound. With its 30 strands, this premium snare wire creates a penetrating yet natural tone with a full, resonant quality. Despite the wider format, the Super 30 Series fits snare beds from 3" to 3.5" for compatibility with most snare drums.

Copper End Clips for Consistent Tension

Puresound's exclusive copper end clips ensure even tensioning across all snare strands, enabling a consistent and reliable snare response. The copper material also prevents corrosion, allowing your Super 30 Series snare wire to maintain peak performance and sound quality over years of use.

Premium Materials and U. . . Construction

Like all Puresound products, the Super 30 Series is designed and manufactured in the U.S to the highest industry standards. Constructed from durable medium-gauge steel, this premium snare wire is built to handle the demands of studio sessions and touring. For discerning drummers seeking enhanced articulation and sensitivity, the Super 30 Series delivers a crisp tone and professional-grade performance.

Puresound Super 30 Series Snare Wire 14 In

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  • 30-strand
  • Medium-gauge
  • Evenly spaced
  • Professional quality
  • premium-grade steel-alloy wires
  • Handcrafted construction
  • Exclusively bent, copper-colored end clips