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The Puresound Blasters Series 20-Strand Snare Wire 14" In delivers an intense snare presence for high-volume drumming. This pro-quality snare wire features 20 strands of medium-gauge steel-alloy wire and bent end clips, creating maximum contact with drumheads to produce a sensitive, responsive snare sound with serious projection. Designed for 14" snare drums, the Blasters Series wires are engineered and manufactured in the USA to meet Puresound's stringent quality standards. Any drummer looking to amplify their backbeat should check out the Blasters Series snare wires.

Premium Steel-Alloy Wires for Robust Tone

The Blasters Series snare wires are constructed from specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires to generate a full-bodied snare tone with plenty of cut. The medium gauge of the 20 wires provides an evenly spaced coil with a blend of sensitivity and volume that suits a wide range of playing styles from jazz to metal.

Bent End Clips Maximize Head Contact

Puresound's bent end clips create substantial contact between the snare wires and drumhead for enhanced response, consistency and projection. The angled end clips allow the wires to sit flush against the drumhead, enabling them to detect even the subtlest strokes and translate them into an articulate snare sound with abundant ring and sustain.

A Snare Sound You Can Feel

The sensitivity and full-bodied tone of the Blasters Series wires allows drummers to feel the vibration and resonance of each snare hit. Paired with a high-quality snare drum, these wires can produce a snare sound with such depth and dimension that it's almost tangible. Any drummer searching for that perfect blend of sensitivity and volume in their snare sound would do well to check out the Blasters Series snare wires.

Puresound Blasters Series 20-Strand Snare Wire 14 In
Puresound Blasters Series 20-Strand Snare Wire 14 In

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  • 20-strand
  • Medium-gauge
  • Evenly spaced
  • Professional quality
  • premium-grade steel-alloy wires
  • Exclusively bent, copper-colored end clips

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