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The Promark Lightning Rod Drum Sticks provide drummers with more volume and articulation than standard rods for gigs requiring amplified sound. Made of premium select birch dowels, the Lightning Rods offer a consistent feel and lively rebound. With seven large dowels and a diameter of .530", these sticks create a spectrum of sounds not possible with typical drumsticks. For over 50 years, Houston-based Promark has equipped world-renowned drummers with gear for every musical need. The Lightning Rods continue Promark's legacy of handcrafted, American-made products designed to inspire drummers at every skill level.

Premium Birch Dowels for Enhanced Attack

Unlike typical drumsticks, the Lightning Rods utilize multiple birch dowels bundled together to produce a range of articulations. The seven large dowels provide more volume and cut through amplified mixes with ease. The dowels diameter of .530" offers a balance of rigidity and flexibility, creating a lively rebound and controllable response. The birch wood optimizes sustain and projection while keeping the weight manageable during extended playing. For drummers seeking more attack than standard rods without the volume of hickory sticks, the Lightning Rods are the ideal solution.

Smooth Grip and Tight Sound

Promark designed the Lightning Rods for playability and tone. The smooth grip allows for comfortable control and quick stick work around the entire kit. A unique wrap placed near the neck helps contain the dowels, resulting in a focused sound with minimal rattling. This design element also improves the durability of the sticks for consistent performance over long-term use. The Lightning Rods' optimized dimensions facilitate speed, accuracy and dynamic expression.

Versatile and Expressive

While standard drumsticks typically produce a single tone, the Lightning Rods open up a world of new sounds. Drummers can create textures ranging from articulate taps to crashing swells. The sticks excel in a variety of musical contexts, from jazz clubs to rock venues. However you play, the Lightning Rods will inspire new ideas and fuel your creativity.

Promark Lightning Rod Drum Sticks
Promark Lightning Rod Drum Sticks
Promark Lightning Rod Drum Sticks

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  • Made with select birch dowels
  • Snappier than brushes
  • Quieter than conventional sticks

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