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The Promark Cool Rod Specialty Drum Sticks provide drummers an alternative sound with enhanced control and expressiveness. The Cool Rods blend the attack of drumsticks with the subtlety of brushes for a versatile playing experience suited to any genre or venue. Constructed of premium birch dowels, the Cool Rods have a lively rebound and natural feel that inspires creativity. For drummers seeking new textures and more delicate tones in their playing, the Cool Rods are an essential addition to the kit.

Balanced Attack and Articulation

Promark designed the Cool Rods to strike a balance between the assertive strike of drumsticks and the gentle swish of brushes. The result is a playing experience with enhanced finesse and control. Drummers can achieve a diversity of articulations, from forceful accents to the lightest taps. The Cool Rods open up more possibilities for creative expression and help drummers find their unique voice.

Versatile Tones for Any Gig

The Cool Rods produce a range of tones suited for any musical context, from the subtleties of jazz clubs to the energy of rock venues. Their medium-soft birch dowels generate a sound somewhere between sticks and brushes—not as loud as drumsticks but more pronounced than brushes. This tonal versatility gives drummers the flexibility to adapt their playing to different gigs and genres. Whether performing an impromptu jazz set or an amplified stadium show, the Cool Rods provide the control and tonal palette to shine in any setting.

Premium Construction and Feel

As with all Promark products, the Cool Rods are handcrafted using only the finest materials. The birch dowels have been carefully selected and finished to achieve an exceptional consistency and playing feel. Their durable construction and time-tested design provide drummers with a premium playing experience and years of reliable service. For over 50 years, Promark has been pushing the boundaries of drumstick innovation. With the Cool Rods, they continue to deliver an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and musical inspiration to drummers worldwide.

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  • Made with select birch dowels
  • Snappier than brushes
  • Quieter than conventional sticks

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