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This custom-made, high-performance Ethernet cable provides reliable connectivity for audio, lighting, and networking applications in live event production. The Ethercon connectors and shielded twisted pair (STP) cable design reject electromagnetic interference for crystal-clear signal transfer up to 150'.

Road-ready and Built to Last

Whether setting up a complex audio system or networking gear at a festival, this ProCo cable gets the job done. The rugged yet lightweight Ethercon connectors securely lock into place and withstand repeated connections and disconnections. The shielded Cat 5e cable features solid copper conductors for maximum conductivity and durability. Overall, this cable is ready for the demands of the road.

Superior Noise Rejection

Unwanted noise and interference have no place in a live show. ProCo's shielded design blocks radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can corrupt your signal. The result is a clean, noise-free connection for Ethernet and digital audio devices. For the best sound and lighting, choose a cable built for the gig—the ProCo Ethercon/Ethercon CAT5E 4P Shielded 150'.

Plug and Play Convenience

This ProCo cable comes ready to use right out of the box. No soldering or installation is required, just connect your devices and you're set. The Ethercon connectors easily plug into most Ethernet-enabled equipment like digital snakes, personal monitor systems, and network routers/switches. At 150' long, this cable gives you plenty of slack for complex setups and rerouting as needed.

Premium Quality

When your show depends on the gear, only the best will do. This ProCo cable provides exceptional performance and build quality. Experience the difference a purpose-built, pro-grade cable can make.

ProCo Ethercon/Ethercon CAT5E 4P Shielded 200 ft.
ProCo Ethercon/Ethercon CAT5E 4P Shielded 200 ft.
ProCo Ethercon/Ethercon CAT5E 4P Shielded 200 ft.

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