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Pirastro Violin Strings

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It's amazing how something as small as a string can make such a big difference in the sound and playability of your violin. Skilled players and beginners alike look for a set that provides beautiful tone and feel plus dependability. Pirastro was founded in Italy in the 1700s and is going strong today (now based in Germany) thanks to their expertise in making strings that musicians all over the world trust from practice to performance. Whatever gauge or style you need, there are many Pirastro violin strings to choose from here: packaged as singles and sets, they offer something for every violinist whether you prefer gut, synthetic or steel strings.

If you're looking for genuine sheep gut, the Pirastro Oliv Series is ideal for the discriminating violinist. Each core is crafted, wound and polished by hand. You'll enjoy a brilliant, colorful sound and rich, complex tone so you can realize the full potential of your performance with this top-selling string style on your violin. Oliv strings come in up to five gauges in steps of ¼ PM. The A-string has a ball end; the D and G-strings have knot ends and the E-strings are available with ball or loop ends.

For violinists who prefer synthetic core strings, other sets to check out include the Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set. The multi-filament fiber cores on these strings aren't affected by temperature or humidity, and they offer quick break-in time, superb tuning stability as well as brilliant golden tone and warm sound. They feel great under the fingers too. Available individually or bundled, they come in 4/4 size with ball ends sporting black and gold silking plus silver winding. The Evah Pirazzi Gold Series is an excellent choice when you demand wider dynamic range and outstanding response from your violin strings.

Each violinist is different so it's fantastic that Pirastro has such an extensive array of strings to choose from. The variety in power, sound and quality boasted by these numerous lines and products make them a mainstay for violinists everywhere. As you get set to re-string your instrument, keep in mind these Pirastro violin strings that are made to perform - just like you - with color and strength!