Peluso Microphone Lab

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Styled after the legendary classic 1970's version of Neumann's U-87, the Peluso P-87 captures the sound and magic of the most popular microphone ever made by emulating the vintage design characteristics. This center-terminated large diaphragm 48v phantom powered microphone features transformer output, three heavy-duty toggle switches on the microphone body, and a rugged metal grille. Polar Patterns are controlled on the front of the mic with a three-position switch for cardioid, omni, and figure of 8 patterns. On the rear, a low frequency roll-off switch decreases the low-end gain, countering the proximity effect of close range vocals. Additionally, a -10dB pad switch for lower gain can be used with close range brass, guitar cabinets, drums or other loud sources. Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: P-87 Microphone in velvet bag, Shock Mount, Hard Mount, Foam Wind Screen, all packed in a Flight Case.

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  • Audio      
      Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
      Max SPL:   152 dB
    Pattern and type      
      Capsule:   Condenser
      Pattern:   Multi-pattern
      Type:   Mounted
      Applications: Studio, stage, theatrical
      Phantom power required: Yes
    Size and weight      
      L x W x (D):   2.2 x 9 "
      Weight:   1.3 lbs.
    Included accessories      
      Case:   Hard case
      Clip:   Hard rubber
      Power supply: No

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