Pedaltrain’s Nano MAX pedalboard takes the popular two-rail Pedaltrain Nano form factor and stretches it to the max. The designers have taken the soft case to the max with many improvements you're sure to enjoy.

The Pedaltrain Nano Max pedalboard is 28" wide and 5.5" deep, and comes complete out of the box with generous rolls of hook-and-loop and an assortment of zip ties. Everything you need to organize and protect your valuable gear is included. Pedaltrain's patented pedalboard design is virtually indestructible, elegantly simple, incredibly useful and an amazing value.

The Pedaltrain MAX series soft case design will satisfy you with a new, silky-smooth, platinum SBS zipper, a premium shoulder strap featuring a comfy shoulder pad and two robust clasps (repetitive machine stress-tested to 44 lb each), a water-resistant exterior shell and easy-wipe inner liner. Lastly, they have included sure-grip case hooks, which are double reinforced with durable codura nylon.

Lastly, almost all low-profile power supplies fit under Pedaltrain Nano MAX. The designers made sure that the power supply you’ve been using on your current Pedaltrain Nano Series or Pedaltrain Metro Series rig fits perfectly on Nano MAX.
  • Mounting area: 28" x 5.5"
  • Soft case included
  • Padded shoulder strap