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The Peavey MAX 100 bass combo amplifier is an affordable yet powerful amp designed for bassists seeking huge tone and performance reliability. Featuring 100 watts of power, a specialized 10" speaker, and Peavey's exclusive psycho-acoustic low-end enhancement for maximum bass impact without straining the speaker, the MAX 100 delivers a thunderous low end in an amp built for portability and stage-readiness.

DDT Protection Safeguards Your Speaker

Peavey's patented DDT compression protects the MAX 100's speaker from damage due to over excursion, allowing you to push the amp to its limits without worry. DDT dynamically monitors your signal and automatically clamps down on peaks that could potentially damage the speaker, taming dynamics for consistent tone at any volume. The result is an amp that can keep up with any playing style while protecting your investment.

TransTube Gain Boost Provides Tube-Like Overdrive

The MAX 100 features Peavey's renowned TransTube technology, a tube emulation circuit that provides an authentic-sounding gain boost. At the push of a button, TransTube kicks your tone into overdrive, adding warmth, compression and distortion for the snarl of a tube amp. Whether you're looking to add some grit for rock or a subtle boost for contemporary styles, TransTube delivers.

Onboard EQ and Tone Controls Sculpt Your Sound

A 3-band EQ offers control over bass, midrange and treble frequencies, allowing you to cut or boost for the perfect tone. Overdrive, Contour, Mid-Shift, Bright and Kosmos-C switches, along with Volume and Gain round out the MAX 100.

Built to Perform, Built to Last

Like all Peavey gear, the MAX 100 is built for reliability and longevity. A tuned, ported enclosure with an angled baffle directs sound where you need it, while a durable steel grille protects the speaker. Road-ready and gig-tested, the MAX 100 provides a lifetime of powerful, defined bass tone in a amp designed for bassists, by bassists.

Peavey MAX 100 100W 1x10 Bass Combo Amp Gray and Black
Peavey MAX 100 100W 1x10 Bass Combo Amp Gray and Black
Peavey MAX 100 100W 1x10 Bass Combo Amp Gray and Black

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  • Power: 100W
  • Single channel
  • Single input
  • Speaker: 1x10" woofer
  • Controls: 3-band EQ, mid-shift, bright
  • Effects loop
  • Aux. input
  • Headphone output
  • Trans Tube circuitry
  • Silent DI output
  • Slanted baffle
  • Ported enclosure