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Pearl Electronic Drums

Used Pearl E-pRO LIVE

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Any art can be improved on with practice and experience, and drum-making is certainly no exception. That's one reason why Pearl is so well-respected by drummers: they've had plenty of both in their six decades, and it really shows in the quality of their instruments. Percussionists are playing Pearl all over the world, and when you're ready to take your drumming into the digital realm, Pearl electronic drums are the perfect starting point. Just like most drum manufacturers, Pearl started out with acoustic drums. That's still their biggest market, but don't think for a second that their electronic drums aren't up to snuff. Nothing could be further from the truth - in fact, they've used their expertise with acoustics to their advantage, developing a line of hybrid drums in the E-Pro series. These sets are amazing choices for versatility, giving you the option of playing in acoustic or electric modes. You can even use both at once, layering electronic effects in with the acoustic drum sounds for a truly next-level performance. Not interested in buying a brand new set, but still liking the idea of acoustic-electric drums? No problem: Pearl makes it easy to transform your favorite drum set with the Tru-Trac Electronic Head Pack and R.E.D. Box ePro drum machine. You can even download samples from Toontrack, Zildjian, Steven Slate Drums and more for your R.E.D. Box, giving you a limitless amount of potential for your percussion sounds. The Tru-Trac heads that go with it are a total fusion of high-performance skins and electronic triggers, so any set you choose to upgrade will sound as amazing as ever acoustically, while also giving you the added bonuses of a drum machine. Pearl's electronic drum sets and conversion kits aren't the limit of what they have to offer, either: check out the Throne Thumper or Precision Drum Monitors if you're craving even more ways to help you play at your best. These instruments are all about versatility and potential, and adding Pearl's electronics to your setup will definitely help you take your performances even further, whether those are onstage or in the studio.