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PRS Guitars is proud to offer the SE Locking Tuners, a set of premium tuning machines that provide enhanced performance and an authentic look for PRS SE guitars. The SE Locking Tuners feature a drop-in design that requires no modification to install, making them an ideal upgrade for any PRS SE model. Machined aluminum tuner housings and hardened steel posts offer exceptional durability.

Ultra-Stable Tuning for Consistent Performance

The SE Locking Tuners provide precision tuning for consistent intonation and tone. Locking mechanisms securely grip each string, preventing slippage for rock-solid tuning stability through even the most dynamic performances. Quick-release levers make string changes fast and frustration-free.

High-Quality Components Built to Last

Machined aluminum housings and hardened steel posts give the SE Locking Tuners exceptional durability for lifelong tuning reliability. Precision-crafted components provide a smooth tuning feel and withstand the demands of regular use and travel.

Vintage Styling Complements Classic SE Aesthetic

The SE Locking Tuners feature a vintage-inspired design that complements the classic styling of PRS SE guitars. Authentic cosmetics blend seamlessly with PRS SE headstocks for a cohesive, custom look.

Direct Replacement Requires No Modification

The SE Locking Tuners drop directly into place of standard tuners, requiring no drilling or other modification. Installation is fast and seamless, allowing you to upgrade to enhanced performance without altering your guitar.

PRS SE Locking Tuners, Set of Six Chrome

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