P. Mauriat

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The Master Series 97T Tenor saxophone is the second in the Master’s Series from P. Mauriat. Drawing on the success of the 97A alto, the Master-97T continues to push the envelope by combining enhanced ergonomics with superior sound production making it the most innovative P. Mauriat Tenor Saxophone yet.

The Master Series 97T Tenor Saxophone is a dual-alloy horn with two sterling silver octave pips that add density and warmth, and a yellow brass body, bow, and bell that enhance its focused projection. It additionally features premium Pisoni pro 105 pads for a tight seal and satisfying tactile experience, along with nylon resonators for improved tone.

It is finished in a honey-gold lacquer with mother of pearl key touches, and the bow and bell are hand-engraved with traditional floral patterns. Sound, playability and beauty all reside within this versatile instrument.
P. Mauriat Master-97T Professional Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer

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  • Master’s Series Body Tube, Bow and Bell
  • Rose Brass Super VI Neck
  • Sterling Silver Octave Pips
  • Ergonomic Left-hand Thumbrest
  • 4 point Body to Bell Brace
  • Honey Gold Lacquer
  • Extensively Hand-engraved
  • Comes with full accessory package
  • Ships standard with the PMTC-66 Deluxe Soft-Contoured case