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In the real world, a tape machine is always physically connected to a console. The signal enters into the console's preamplifier, gets fed into the tape machine and is recorded to tape. From there the tape is played back and the audio again hits the console for mixing into its stereo bus. Recreating this process using separate components is fairly complex but it is the only way to actually replicate the experience of mixing in analog. TAPEDESK automates all of these separate processes for you; you only need to insert the plug-in on your tracks and enjoy the experience of mixing in a thoroughly analog world.

Tape Machine
Overloud's TAPEDESK features a hyper-realistic simulation of a 2 in. 24-track world-class tape machine from a renowned studio in the UK. You can control a myriad of tape parameters, from tape speed to head biasing, in order to have full control of the tonal palette. Every segment in the signal chain has been modeled in order to recreate the authentic analog vibe of the original tape machine.

Console Emulation
TAPEDESK also emulates the complete signal paths of three legendary analog consoles; the S4000, the N80, and the T88. These consoles have been used every day for the past 20 years to create thousands of hits in the world's finest studios.

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  • Simulates three legendary analog consoles
  • Simulates a 2 in. 24-track tape machine
  • Recreates the interactions between the console and the tape machine
  • Offers precise metering of any point in the sound chain
  • Simulates all of the transformers in the original units