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beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Century Edition Headphones | New from NAMM 2024


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The DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition closed-back headphones from beyerdynamic celebrate 100 years of innovation in the pro audio space, from the first pair of DT 48 stereo dynamic headphones introduced in the late 1930s, to 2023's high-performance MMX 200 wireless gaming headset. Built in Germany, this limited-run headphone offers the same renowned quality as the enduring original, delivering supremely accurate sound across an exceptionally wide frequency range—engineers have relied on the DT 770 for critical listening applications since its debut in 1985. With low impedance and a detachable cable, the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition easily connects to phones, tablets, mixers, interfaces or any playback device, to bring out the nuance in your own recordings, as well as what may be uncovered in your favorite music.

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition Headphones

Iconic beyerdynamic Sonics

Immerse yourself in every recording and mix with the limited-edition beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X's 5Hz–40kHz frequency response, revealing stellar detail, no matter how hidden. The rumble of bass guitar and kick comes through with impact and definition, while vocal intricacies and cymbal shimmer rings clearly, without harshness or distortion. This expansive range provides the analytical qualities mixing and mastering engineers use every day, in addition to exhilarating musicality for audiophiles and casual listeners. Utilizing a closed-back design, the DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones are also a recording standard, blocking out environmental noise and minimizing microphone bleed.

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition Low Impedance

Easily Driven by a Range of Playback Devices

With an impedance of just 48 ohms, these special DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones, celebrating the beyerdynamic centennial, play nicely with a wide variety of devices, from everyday smartphones, all the way up to pro audio gear. The dynamic STELLAR.45 driver demonstrates just how incredible low-impedance transducers can sound. Connect them to your phone or tablet and experience improved transient and bass response compared to headphones with higher impedance ratings. In the studio, the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition will deliver optimal results from mixers, interfaces or any output designed for studio headphones.

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition Detachable Cable

Ultraconvenient Detachable Cable

The DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition comes with a 9' straight cable terminating in a mini XLR connector, allowing quick attachment or removal. Its detachable design makes it easy to pack the headphones for transport or storage, while also providing a simple way to replace the cable, if needed. Take advantage of the secure connection and handy coiling of a fixed cable in the studio, then detach it when throwing the DT 770 PRO X in your backpack.

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition Velour Earcups

Experience Outstanding Comfort

Designed for long recording, mixing, mastering or listening sessions, the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones feature generously padded velour ear cups that surround your ears in luxurious softness. The breathable fabric and foam cushioning prevents moisture buildup and heat, while also isolating you from external noise to keep the focus on your music. The self-adjusting padded headband provides a secure, yet gentle, fit, completing an overall listening experience that lets you wear them for hours with minimal fatigue.

Since 1924, beyerdynamic has gifted the musical and pro audio world invaluable resources to help bring its art to life and subsequently enjoy it in stellar fidelity. The DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones demonstrate the brand's commitment to build quality, everyday comfort and unrivaled sonic performance. If you're looking for a versatile set of headphones that works equally well at home, in the studio or on the go, the German-engineered, limited-run beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones deserve a spot on your short list. Get yours now from Guitar Center.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Closed-back circumaural headphones with dynamic transducer
  • Replaceable velour earpads and headband padding
  • Hard-wearing, high-quality materials throughout, including metal headband construction and hinges
  • Single-sided, detachable cable with gold-plated jack plug and screw-on 1/4" adapter

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Ear coupling: Over-ear
  • Operating principle: Studio
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz
  • Weight: 0.77 lb.
  • Cable type: Straight
  • Cable Length: 9.8'
  • Connector: 1/8" plug, 1/4" adapter

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7. Warranty
a. In the event of any defect in the item of sale, the choice of remedy shall lie with us. Any expenses connected with the remedying of defects arising from the fact that the item of sale has been sent or taken to a place other than the place of performance shall be borne or refunded by the Customer. For claims to compensation on account of a defect, Section 6 of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
b. The period of limitation for claims for defects shall be 2 years. This shall not apply in the case of fraudulent misrepresentation, willful intent or the cases specified in Arts. 478 and 479 BGB. This shall not affect the limitation period for recovering from the supplier as provided for under Arts. 478 and 479 BGB. The start of the limitation period shall be as specified in the law.
c. Warranty shall be excluded if the Customer has processed or resold the item of sale after he has discovered, or ought to have discovered, a defect unless he is able to prove that the processing or resale was necessary in order to prevent greater loss or damage.
d. Natural wear and tear and damage through improper treatment, handling or storage is excluded from warranty.
e. The return of products is allowed only after prior approval by beyerdynamic.

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