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The Shadow PanaFlex Acoustic Guitar Wireless System Pickup combines several different technologies into one super cool system. If you have an acoustic steel string guitar that you'd like to amplify, here's a solution that sounds great, allows a lot of control, communicates wirelessly in stereo, has recording potential and is easy to install. What more could you want?

The Panorama Sound System
The stereophonic Panaflex pickup allows totally new sound dimensions. The sound of the strings E, A, and high E are distributed from left to right. The panorama control adjusts the width of the stereo impresssion. You can add reverb effects to the treble strings where the bass strings are without effects. Secondarily you can control the sound with a combined bass/breble control (B/T) for the treble and the bass strings. The last control is to adjust the volume.

The Receiver
Of course you need a receiver to operate. On older analog wireless systems it was more complex to choose and select a desired transmitting channel. Not here: With an easy push of the pairing button on transmitter and receiver both are "paired". With this easy method you can operate more than one transmitter at a time on the Shadow wireless receiver. The receiver is powered by a simple USB power supply, well-known as you probably already have for your cell phone. On the top of the transmitter is the location of the USB charge jack. You can connect the USB power supply to charge the internal LI-ION battery. Or you can use a cable between the front output of the receiver and the charge USB jack of the transmitter. All you need is to connect a USB cable "Type A to Micro A". On the back of the receiver there are two outputs. One for the Mono/Stereo analog output and one for an optical digital S/PDIF output. The S/PDIF output can be used for other digital optical sound system (e.g. your recording soundcard or your computer). The S/PDIF output is best for recording because it delivers pure output of the stereo pickup.

Wireless Transmission
Shadow built in a perfected digital transmission system that's able to transmit two channels simultaneously. There is no loss in sound quality during transmission. The range is around 30m and this should be enough for huge stages as well.

The Battery
The integrated LI-ION battery has a capacity of 1100mA/h. This is good for an operation up to 5 hours with one charge. The integrated charging system allows to connect modern cell phone power supplies with a USB connector. After a charging time of 3-4h the capacity of the battery back to 80% of the overall capacity. The battery (NP120) is a very common type that is also found in almost every camera/camcorder accessory shop.

The Tuner
Push the tuner switch to operate the tuner. There are two modes. One with active wireless transmission the other without. This will save the battery. The 7-segment display shows the played note. The LEDs HI and Lo indicates if the string tune is to high or too low. When the middle LED OK is on, the string is tuned.
Open Box Shadow Electronics Panaflex Acoustic Guitar Wireless System Pickup Level 1
Open Box Shadow Electronics Panaflex Acoustic Guitar Wireless System Pickup Level 1
Open Box Shadow Electronics Panaflex Acoustic Guitar Wireless System Pickup Level 1

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  • Stereo Sound delivered by the new Stereo-Panaflex pickup
  • Four controls to adjust Volume, Panorama, BT-B and BT-B
  • Automatic chromatic tuner
  • Lightweight LI-ION battery. Up to 5h playing with one charge
  • Fast charge mode with nowadays standard USB charger (New micro USB plug for cell phones)
  • Only small modifications necessary on your guitar!
  • Perfect wireless range up to 30m in good environment
  • Automatic frequency-hopping-system for perfect wireless operation
  • For soundhole diameter: 3.8" to 4.2" (96 to 106mm)

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