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Roland V-Drums TD-17 Series and VAD307 Overviewplay button

Roland V-Drums TD-17 Series and VAD307 Overview

Roland TD-17 V-Drums Kit Pack | Roland Cloud Greatest Funk/R&B Tracks Vol. 1 Sound Demosplay button

Roland TD-17 V-Drums Kit Pack | Roland Cloud Greatest Funk/R&B Tracks Vol. 1 Sound Demos

Roland TD-17 Version 2 Roland Cloud Updateplay button

Roland TD-17 Version 2 Roland Cloud Update

Roland TD-17 Series V-Drums trailerplay button

Roland TD-17 Series V-Drums trailer


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Get grooving with the second-generation Roland TD-17KV2 e-kit, including a compact, 4-post rack and the TD-17 module loaded with an entire library of high-quality sounds, samples and artists kits. Featuring 70 premium-quality kits—including 20 new preset kits and a revamped sound engine—the module also allows you to upload your own samples as WAV files via an SD/HD card for virtually endless percussive styles and personalization options. From metal blast beats to chill vaporwave grooves, the TD-17 module contains everything needed to easily handle any genre. The kit comes with enhanced mesh drum pads for an authentic drumming experience, along with slim, thin-profile CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T cymbals for an improved stick feel over the previous generation.

TD-17KV2 e-kit top

Low-Profile Mesh-Head Drum Pads

The TD-17KV2 comes with upgraded snare and tom pads that more accurately simulate the feel of an acoustic kit. A 12" snare and three 10" PDX-8 tom pads feature tension-adjustable mesh heads for a customizable, acoustic-like response and rebound. The snare also features a traditional hoop height, making it easier to hit rim shots at a comfortable stick angle. A KD-10 kick pad is also included and retains a satisfying acoustic kick drum “thud” even as it absorbs most of the impact noise thanks to carefully engineered rubber components.

TD-17KV2 e-kit back

Slim, Responsive Cymbals

The TD-17KV2 e-kit also comes with a CY-12C-T crash cymbal and CY-14R-T ride that attach to stands with a special pivot mount to provide an acoustic-style swing motion and stick response when played. Just like a real acoustic cymbal, each of these can be choked by simply grabbing the edge. The 14" ride also features three-way triggering with independent sounds for the edge, bow and bell. To round out the hardware, a hi-hat pedal and rackmounted CY-5 10" hi-hat pad are also included.

TD-17KV2 e-kit TD-17 module

Sound Better With the TD-17 Sound Module

The updated and enhanced TD-17 V-Drums sound module offers a range of tools for exploring a vast array of sounds as well as improving your drumming skills quickly. Featuring Roland’s advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling technology, the module is filled with expressive kits that faithfully reproduce the nuances of acoustic drums. It also inspires endless experimentation with 26 built-in samples that can be added to custom kits, allowing you to craft the kit of your dreams no matter your skill level.

TD-17KV2 e-kit Bluetooth wireless

Jam Anywhere With Bluetooth

The Roland TD-17KV2 also includes Bluetooth compatibility which allows you to wirelessly stream music from your smart device. You can simply enjoy your favorite tracks through headphones to play along and hone your chops. You can even record your performance so you can listen back and tighten up any trouble spots.

If you need a versatile drum kit for recording, rehearsal and practice, the TD-17KV2 e-kit delivers. An array of learning tools makes this a perfect entry point for beginning drummers, while more advanced drummers will love the portable convenience of a small footprint and the wealth of digital advantages found within. Come try it out for yourself at your local Guitar Center location.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Develop stick control and correct playing techniques using the large 12" PDX-12 snare with double-mesh head
  • Updated TD-17 sound module with kits, expanded effects, compression/reverb sections, and rich, dynamic and natural drum sounds 
  • Choose from 70 premium preset drum kits, including 20 kits with custom samples
  • Learn expressive foot control and pedal techniques with the KD-10 Kick Pad
  • 12" CY-12C-T crash and 14" CY-14R-T ride cymbals with thin profiles for natural feel and realistic movement
  • 10" CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad and FD-9 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
  • Three 10" PDX-8 mesh-head tom pads with head and rim triggering 
  • Rugged and stable MDS-Compact stand 
  • Expansion possibilities to support your unique playing and performance styles
  • Improve your sense of time with Time Check and Quiet Count in Coach mode
  • Warm-up menu provides a daily exercise routine to help your playing progress
  • Customize the preset drum kits to personalize your drum sound 
  • Import your own samples to match specific songs and styles
  • Enjoy playing along with favorite tunes and video lessons by streaming audio from your smartphone to the module via Bluetooth audio
  • Develop playing and timing with free Melodics for V-Drums software for macOS and Windows