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Quilter Aviator Mach 3 is a revolutionary combo amp designed for discerning guitarists on the go. This 200W powerhouse defies its 21lb. weight by delivering rich, tube-like tone with dual channel switching between six classic amp voicings. The Aviator Mach 3 is the ultimate all-in-one amp for crafting your signature sound.

Scale Power From Whisper to Roar With 200W of Lightweight Muscle

Don't be fooled by its featherweight build—the Mach 3 packs a sonic wallop with up to 200W of power on tap. A separate Speaker Volume control lets you dial in anything from a whisper to a roar. When you need to keep stage volume under control, simply scale back the Speaker Volume and use the dedicated Signal Out volume to send a consistent level to the mixing board.

Dial in Iconic Tones With Dual Channel Switching

The Mach 3's dual channels give you six classic amp voicings to choose from, allowing you to switch between or blend two tones at once. Recreate the chime of a blackface Fender, the grit of a tweed Bassman or the punch of a British stack. An effects loop lets you integrate your favorite stompboxes into the signal chain.

Sculpt Your Sound With a 3-Band Active EQ

A 3-band active EQ provides precise control over your bass, midrange and treble frequencies. Boost or cut as needed to shape a tone that's all your own. When used in combination with the Mach 3's amp voicings and built-in reverb and tremolo effects, the possibilities for crafting your perfect guitar sound are nearly endless.

A Cover and Carry Handle Add Extra Convenience

Quilter includes a padded nylon cover to keep your Mach 3 protected in transit. Thoughtfully placed handles make it easy to lift and carry the 21lb. amp to and from gigs. A cover with an integrated cable pouch provides storage for all your necessary cords and accessories.

Quilter Labs Aviator Mach 3 1x12 200-Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier Black
Quilter Labs Aviator Mach 3 1x12 200-Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier Black
Quilter Labs Aviator Mach 3 1x12 200-Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier Black

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  • Input: 2 X 1/4" Mono, 2 meg impedance, 1.5-5Vpk
  • FX loop: 1/4" mono, 1V full scale, 1K out, 47K inp (with FX Send lifted)
  • Sig out: 1/4" TRS, balanced line, 40 ohms each leg, 2V full scale
  • Headphone (sig out): 1/4" TRS, 40 ohms each channel, 0–6Vpk
  • Speaker out: 0–200W (depending on SPKR VOL setting)
  • AC power: 100–240Vac, 50-60Hz, 250W maximum
  • Speaker: Celestion Copperback 12" speaker

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