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This 12-volt power supply is compatible with the following Casio products:

AP-220, AP-250, AP-260, AP-270, CDP-120, CDP-220, CDP-S100, CDP-S350, CTK-6000, CTK-6200, CTK-6250, CTK-7000, CTK-7200, CT-X3000, PX-3, PX-5, PX-130, PX-150, PX-160, PX-330, PX-350, PX-360, PX-560, PX-730, PX-750, PX-760, PX-770, PX-S1000, PX-S3000, WK-6500, WK6600, WK-7500, WK7600, XW-DJ1 
Open Box Casio Power Adapter for Casio Privia PX-160 Level 1