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The Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core is a revolutionary recording system that combines a professional condenser microphone and an audio interface with advanced processing capabilities. With this singular device, artists and producers can record with incredible accuracy and process audio in real-time. It includes a collection of onboard Synergy Core effects and emulations of classic microphones to elevate your sound along with Antelope Audio’s acclaimed AD/DA conversion and AFC clocking technology. Axino Synergy Core is an essential audio production powerhouse for home studios, streaming channels and mobile setups. 

Sonically Accurate USB Condenser Microphone
The Axino Synergy Core is a large diaphragm microphone designed to record the natural character and resonance of instruments and vocalists in great detail. The large gold-sputtered membrane offers low self-noise, while the cardioid pickup pattern minimizes background noise, enabling the microphone to capture any sound effortlessly. A hybrid amp design featuring Antelope Audio’s renowned Discrete preamp technology has been implemented to achieve a transparent, uncolored sound. 

Your Own Virtual Mic Locker
The Axino Synergy Core uses Antelope Audio’s microphone Modeling Engine, which allows you to record with virtual recreations of classic microphones. It comes with 18 emulations of dynamic, tube and FET condenser microphones to record and monitor in real-time. This system grants flexible workflow and the opportunity to experiment with different mic emulations to find the perfect sound.

Fully Optimized Audio Interface for Professional Results
The same cutting-edge technology from Antelope Audio’s top audio interfaces also powers the Axino Synergy Core. The combination of precise 64-bit AFC clocking and leading AD/DA conversion yields pristine audio quality at resolutions up to 24-bit / 192 kHz. To ensure high-fidelity audio reproduction, the headphone output has been equipped with a DAC chip delivering 124dB of headroom.

Expandable Synergy Core Effects Collection
The Synergy Core platform unlocks access to a selection of real-time effects processed entirely on the onboard DSP and FPGA chips. The device comes bundled with 10 Synergy Core effects specially chosen to enrich any recording. Within the bundle you’ll get compressors, EQs, preamps and dynamic processors, perfect for achieving the ultimate radio-ready sound. In addition, over 80 analog-modeled effects are available to purchase from the Antelope Audio Software Store. 

Flawless Performance for All
Axino Synergy Core is an intuitive system capable of handling streaming, playback, and recording at low-latency. This level of performance holds true for any application, including home recording, streaming and podcasting. The device is designed to propel workflow at multiple angles to allow creativity to take the lead. Whether you’re at home or on the road, Axino Synergy Core is the ultimate recording system that does it all.
Open Box Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core USB Microphone Level 1
Open Box Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core USB Microphone Level 1
Open Box Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core USB Microphone Level 1

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  • Compact bus-powered USB device that combines a condenser microphone and an audio interface
  • Large diaphragm capsule and gold-sputtered membrane for accurate sound capture
  • 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA conversion powered by proprietary 64-bit AFC clocking technology
  • 18 onboard microphone emulations via Antelope Audio’s unique Modeling Engine
  • 10 onboard Synergy Core effects included
  • Real-time, low latency monitoring and effects processing

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Included Synergy Core Effects
  • VEQ-55A (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)
  • BAE-1073 (3-Band EQ / HPF)
  • BAE-1073MP (Mic / Line Preamp)
  • FET-A76 (FET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier) 
  • OPTO 2A (Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter)
  • GYRAF GYRATEC IX (Dual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF)
  • MASTER DE-ESSER (De-Esser)
  • POWERGATE (Noise Gate)
  • POWEREX (Expander)
  • AURAVERB (Reverb)
Included Mic Emulations
  • Berlin 47 FT
  • Berlin 47 TU
  • Berlin 49T
  • Berlin 57 
  • Berlin 67 
  • Berlin 87  
  • Berlin K86 
  • Berlin M103 
  • Berlin M251 
  • Berlin V563 
  • Hamburg 441 
  • Illinois 7B 
  • Illinois 57 
  • Minnesota 20 
  • Tokyo 800T 
  • Vienna 12 
  • Vienna 112 
  • Vienna 414 
  • Axino Synergy Core 
  • Table stand 
  • Shockmount 
  • USB cable 
  • Quick start guide