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There are holders, and then there’s the Grip-On Mounting System from On-Stage; it’s the fast and easy way to mount your mobile device to everyday objects and surfaces. The U-mount is the ideal balance of ease and hands-free convenience. Once you try the Grip-On U-mount holder, you’ll want to use your mobile device everywhere. Includes 3 Grip-On Holders: Small holder grips: 2½" to 3½", Medium holder grips: 3½" to 5¾", and Large holder grips: 5¾" to 7¾". Includes 360-degree ball joint with pull back release.

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Attaches/releases 360 Ball Joint assembly from the Mounting Post Locks in any of three rotational Includes Mounting Post:Collar engages the quick release Pull Back Release Sleeve Post slides into hole in the Mounting Bar 5/8"-27 threading compatible with optional accessories Includes Presentation Grip:Soft EVA grip slides over mounting post Comfortable handle for mobile use Includes Mounting Bar: Patent-pending U-mount clamp secures to any round surface from 7/16” to 3/4” in diameter Attaches to mic stands, drum hardware, car headrests, rec chairs and much more Pull Back Connector with 360 Ball Joint Soft Presentation Grip

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