This beautiful Solid Douglas Fir and Maple Stave Snare from Outlaw Drums offers the natural EQ of fir that harmonizes perfectly with the distinct warmth of maple to create an explosive, unique sound that is explosive. The projection and tonal quality of this snare offers the flexibility of use for any genre. Custom handcrafted from quality lumber in the U.S.A., this drum features a 45-degree bearing edge and stave construction for greater sound from compared to ply construction.

This snare is fitted with heavy-duty 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops to endure the meatiest rimshots you can produce. Also, a Dunnett throw-off will give you smooth action and multiple positioning options (R7 only). The shell is commissioned with an antique brass Outlaw Drums "Ranger" badge and is powered by 20 snare wires.